wisdom2th x wisdom tooth - meet_the_world

from by Wisdom2th

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I feel the sunlight creep in, dam it looks bright now
see my head is aching coz I'm usually a night owl
and right now... all I wont is to lay bout
and dream about these sheep until my mind starts to loose count;
not a recluse, I'm just a comfortable lout
see I can learn about the world from here in my hideout
shy from experience and leaving my own house,
but don't know what I'd do if my computer just broke down;
well, probably I'd put my foot through that front door,
stand here squinting from the sight of these eyesore
see for me waking up seems like a chore,
but what's the point repeating tasks so you can live your whole life bored;
well, seize the day and say hello to the neighbors,
even pass a glance at all the ones I don't favor
peculiar behaviors put my head in a tight swirl,
so cut the dreams, set the free and say.../

Time to meet the world...
the world...
time to meet the world...
good morning, good evening and good day to you/

Behind the curtains young eyes are all crouched down
hunching over desks where computer lights go out
and all that they seek out exposes there own doubt
of leaving this shadowed little world which they know bout;
see... even I've been in this place,
where the clock becomes a blur of time lost in your own space
minds preserve the bitterness, littered with bad taste
it's easy to insult the world when you do not show face;
unconventional, we treat it as hatred,
but the ideal place is more than clicking on spaces
in this sort of weather we're all taught to embrace it,
we should spend sometime off the couch instead of just waste it, I'm thinking maybe...
all I need's a change of perspective
a depth from these values and to be less selective
... the lesson learned it isn't oysters or pearls
so buy the ticket set sail yo i think it's time to meet the world/

Time to meet the world...
the world...
time to meet the world...
good morning... and all the girls on the street start whistling like/


from 2th​.​0, released July 6, 2013
Written and produced by: Lenny Rudeberg
Musical elements by: Wisdom Tooth, Lenny Rudeberg

Dedicated to Sox, my close friend and companion.



all rights reserved


wisdom2th Perth, Australia

Wisdom2th (pronounced 'wisdom tooth') is a musician/comedic performer currently residing in Perth, Western Australia.

Wisdom2th is known for two distinct qualities: firstly, his phenomenal afro; and secondly, the fact that he is a highly proficient multi-instrumentalist and accomplished emcee and beatmaker.
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